We say that this is our greatest prize: that nothing delights the Rinaldi team more than bringing joy to our customers with our sensual and opulent Honey Nougat.

That’s why we love to hear what our customers have to say.

Dear Robert, I cannot express in words how much we all enjoyed the torrone. It literally disappeared in a flash once I put it out. I did save some for me and, say, was I glad. Thank you for your generosity.

In Light & Love, Angel at MSIA

To whom it may concern, Someone bought me some of your nougat candy from Australia. It was wonderful and I would like to buy some more.

Jan M, Winnetka, CA USA

A few weeks ago I accepted an Australian girl to stay
with us at our home, and she gave us your “Torrone Rinaldi alla Mandorla”. We liked it very much. I would like to buy your product. Please tell us how to get it.

Sincerely Akira U Japan

For a number of years my sons have bought me an English produced nougat (the only sweet that I like). However it hasn’t been available for the past few years, and I was presented with Leatherwood honey for Christmas. Congratulations on a great product and the beautiful packaging was an added bonus. We all prefer to buy Australian made products and yours is a new one to add to our list.

Yours sincerely, Beverley W, Wantirna South, VIC Australia

Product to Die For – Torrone Rinaldi alla Mandorla – Honey Nougat – comes in three honey sweetened flavours.

The CAF Communicator (Volume 4, Issue 1, February 2003)

Hi, We were in Castlemaine Victoria at the weekend and purchased some of your great nougat. What a surprise when we were told it is made locally. Can you please tell me which shops it is available through in SA so that we don’t have to keep travelling to Victoria for a fix!.

Catherine A, Gawler, South Australia

I am writing to let you know that your Roasted Almond Nougat with Australian Leatherwood Honey is by far the most delicious nougat I have ever eaten !!! – and I have been buying nougat for years from all over the world so this is really saying something! Your nougat also makes such a lovely gift and all of my friends and family are all now also addicted to it! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!.

Sincerely,Mary M, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia

Dear Sir, A note to say …We really like your nougat products. The quality’s great and that gives wonderful flavour which we enjoy.

Dr Taco K, Castlecrag, New South Wales, Australia

Hello, I have just spent the weekend in Melbourne and went into the Haigh’s Chocolate shop, as we don’t have them here in Sydney. I didn’t end up buying any of their chocolate, instead I bought your honey nougat with almonds! I love soft nougat and the texture of yours was amazing. I am hoping you can tell me if you supply anyone here in Sydney with your product?”

Yours sincerely,Deb P. Bondi Junction, NSW

We had visitors form Sydney over Christmas who bought some of your nougat and thought it the best ever and asked me to track it down although they knew not of whose it was. It was purchased at the Olive Groves at McLaren Vale. If you have some details on where to purchase this, as they have a restaurant in Sydney and are considering offering this.

Regards, John H, Kent Town, SA

Dear Sir, Madam. A dinner guest recently gave me a 175g box of your “Torrone Rinaldi alla Mandorla”, and I am writing to congratulate you and your company on the production of such a delicious nougat. There is no doubt that the ingredients you are using are first class – the almonds maintained their firmness and the flavours were superb. I at first glance thought this was an imported product as the packaging also had such a high quality and style so it is wonderful to see such quality being maintained in an Australian made and packaged product. Congratulations and every success for the future.

Yours faithfully, Eleanor G, Malvern, VIC

Dear Robert, Congratulations! I see you are now on sale in Queensland! (I mean your nougat of course). Yesterday we called at a lovely cafe at Peregian – “Baked Poetry” – and there it was: the best nougat in Australia. I promptly purchased some and the owner of the cafe said several people had asked her to stock it as it has been so popular.

Best Wishes, Sue R! Maroochy River, Queensland QLD

Dear Mr Rinaldi, Just to let you know that my local Deli has your nougat and it is as wonderful as ever. I’m delighted that I can now buy it in Sydney.

Sincerely, Naomi B, Vaucluse, NSW

Dear Sir/Madam, I have purchased your nougat from a fruit shop in Newton and definitely think it is the best available.

Yours sincerely, Wendy A, Hackney, SA

Dear Mr Rinaldi, I was ‘holidaying’ in Adelaide in January and purchased several bars of your honey and almond nougat – Orange Blossom. I love nougat and it was the best I’ve ever tasted.

Thank you, Robyn L, Dapto, NSW

My daughter recently visited Adelaide and purchased your divine nougat for me. Is it possible for you to send me 3 of each of the Honey Nougat with Almonds (Leatherwood, Ironbark & Orange Blossom). I’d be most appreciative as it is the best nougat I’ve tasted for a while.

Sincerely, Naomi B, Vaucluse, NSW

I have enjoyed your products on several trips to Australia and would very much like to order some for shipment to my address in the US. WONDERFUL Torrone.

Dr. G. Nicholas B, Washington State, USA

I live in Darwin. Bought your honey nougat at Adelaide Airport and just fell in love.

Judith S, Darwin

Hello, I have been buying your macadamia nougat at Haigh’s each time I visit Sydney to see family and always bring some home to UK. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your nougat, in fact, it’s just delicious and my absolute favourite treat.

Thank you!Diana B

Just want you to know how much I enjoyed your Torrone. Now with lent and the commitment to not eat chocolate what better sweet treat to have with a good coffee but your Torrone. Thank you for such a good product.

Martina N

I’ve heard that your candy is very like the famous old Callard and Bowser Dessert Nougat. I would LOVE to buy some for my aged parents who are from New Zealand.

Judith R, Hawaii, USA

My daughter bought me the above product from SuperFresh Pasadena for Mother’s Day and I felt that it warranted some feedback. It has to be the best nougat I have ever tasted! I could taste and crunch the almonds which had a lovely roasted flavour and the texture was just right. Well done And…I was pleased to see that the product is made locally, which may be one of the reasons why it tasted to fresh. Please don’t change your recipe or production process, your product is fantastic!! Thank you.

Lyn B

My wife enjoyed your product so much that she told me “it is the best nougat she ever had”, so much so that she didn’t leave me any.

Thanks, John N

Hi, I was given some of your torrone from a friend, and I have to say I am now obsessed with it! It is one of the best sweets ever- I am finding myself craving it and wanting to purchase boxes of it for gifts.

Kirsten W

Hi guys , just a little note to say a big thanks for making the most delicious nougat I have ever eaten, it is truly the best. I am totally addicted to it. Many thanks for such a quality product.

Tracey S

Hi, I just would like to enquire if it’s possible to buy your nougat here in Victoria. l have to say it’s the best nougat we have ever had.


To whom it may concern – your nougat is the best I have ever tasted (my favourite being Leatherwood) and I have enjoyed indulging for at least the past 6 years.

Regards, Robyn

Hi there, I tried your nougat today for the first time – it is truly a sensational product, also I wish to compliment you on the packaging, it is elegant and suits the nougat beautifully 🙂 Very well done!

Ric F