Regionality of the Italian food tradition is about using the best of what is locally available. When the Rinaldi family came to Australia, we found exceptional quality honey and nuts that we could see would make some of the best nougat in the world.

That’s why we are uncompromising about our ingredients.

Australian Honey

The dry climate and unique flora of Australia combine to produce pure golden honeys that are inimitable with their distinguishing flavours. The distinctive floral bouquets of the honeys are characteristic of the flowers from which they are collected, and our gentle cooking techniques mandated by time honoured traditions, preserve their flavours for your enjoyment.

Australian Nuts

We use almonds that are grown in the Riverland areas of South Australia, and other areas in and around Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills. We choose Almonds from these regions because they are perfect regions for producing almonds of extremely high quality and characteristic of the archetypal Australian almond.

Our hazelnuts are grown in the foothills of Mt. Buffalo in Victoria and southern highlands of New South Wales. These are cooler climate growing regions where the dedicated growers are pioneering the premium hazelnut industry in Australia.

The macadamias are grown on the Northern New South Wales coast, in the Northern Rivers region and in the South East of Queensland. Macadamia nuts are native to Australia. You cannot find a more “Australian” example of nougat than Rinaldi Macadamia nougat. It reflects the coming together of European traditions and indigenous ingredients in something truly Australian.

What we don’t use

We do not use glucose syrup or invert sugar syrup, as we believe that these are not traditional ingredients for quality nougat and they contribute nothing to the flavour.