Rinaldi Confectionery uses traditional slow cooking and hand crafting techniques to preserve the flavour of the traditional ingredients and create an authentic nougat of international quality.


Batch production techniques differ considerably to small production runs on the stove, and the production method has been progressively refined and improved to optimise the taste and texture of our torrone.


Rinaldi Confectionery honey nougats are manufactured using traditional slow-cook methods. A low temperature cooker preserves the natural honey flavours and this allows us to manufacture Nougats in a range of delicate honey varieties.


The honey is first heated and stirred to initiate the cooking process. Next, the firmly whipped egg white mixture is added together with the cooked honey, and then the high boiled sugar syrup is slowly drizzled into the honey and egg white mixture.


The Nougat mixture is further heated and stirred until it has “roasted down” to the appropriate degree of cooking. And finally, the nuts, which must be lightly dry-roasted so as to enhance their flavour and texture, are added.

The Nougat is then extracted from the cooker and rolled into slabs, ready for cutting.