Media Release

Rinaldi Launches Pecan and Mallee Honey Nougat

In the wake of its success last year having two of its products judged as"exceptional" by the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) in Brussels, Rinaldi Confectionery is launching Its first new flavour combination in over fiveyears.

The new flavour, scheduled to be launched at Good Food and Wine in Melbourne in the first week of
June, will be pecan nut with Mallee honey.

“This is not a traditional Italian flavour profile”, says Roberto Rinaldi, Managing Director and Founder of Rinaldi Confectionery. “However, coming up with this flavour combination is a very Italian approach to food. Italian food is all about using the best ingredients that you can get access to locally. That’s exactly what I’ve done with this combination of Mallee honey and pecan nuts”.

When the Rinaldi family came to Australia, they came as part of the great Italian Diaspora which made Italian food culture an international affair. They brought Italian Torrone nougat culture with them, a culture that dates back hundreds of years with a deep understanding of its traditions and symbolisms. Regionality of the Italian food tradition is about using the best of what is locally available and in Australia, the Rinaldi family found exceptional quality honey and nuts that they could see would make some of the best nougat in the world. Today, Rinaldi Confectionery uses traditional slow cooking and hand crafting techniques to preserve the flavour of the traditional ingredients and create an authentic nougat of international quality.

The Malee honey has a dryland eucalypt flavour that is aromatic and spicy but becomes more subtle when it is cooked in the nougat. The pecan nuts have good oil content which makes them very moreish after light roasting. The combination of the honey and the pecan nuts results in a hint of caramel that is present in neither the honey nor the nuts alone but appears almost magically when they are united.

“Pecan nuts originated in North America but grow beautifully here in Australia”, says Roberto Rinaldi. “Combining Australian pecan nuts with this sophisticated Mallee honey results in a truly elegant soft nougat”.

Pecan and Mallee honey nougat from Rinaldi confectionery will become the fifth flavour in the already successful range of Rinaldi Soft nougat sold in the 86 g format. Rinaldi confectionery also produces a firmer gift boxed range of three nougat flavours in a 175 g format.